The Body Shop brings customers a great assortment of luxurious skin care, body care and make-up products. They emphasize use of eco-friendly ingredients and processes in the production of their items, and as a result have created some wonderful natural and healthy skincare solutions. They've also got hair fragrance and makeup options made with the same attention and care for the environment. Body Shop also offers specials and discounts on some of the favorite items.
The Body Shop: 50% Off Tea Tree Oil Collection purchase
6% CashBack
Updated 11/26/2018
The Body Shop offers 50% off with Tea Tree Oil Collection purchase. Free shipping.
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The Body Shop 40% Off Body Butter
6% CashBack
Posted 11/24/2018
The Body Shop offers the 40% Off on Body Butter. Free shipping.
The Body Shop Black Friday 40% Off Sitewide + Free Shipping
6% CashBack
Updated 11/23/2018
The Body Shop offers 40% off hundreds of items. Free shipping. Deal ends 11/24. 
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The Body Shop: 40% OFF Sitewide
6% CashBack
Updated 11/22/2018
Online Exclusive! For a limited time, enjoy 40% OFF on all of your favorite products online at The Body Shop. Try products like the best-selling Banana Shampoo, Vitamin E Intense Moisture Serum, Ginger Scalp Care Shampoo and Tea Tree Oil! Free shipping with any purchase.
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The Body Shop: Buy 2 Get 1 Sitewide
6% CashBack
Updated 08/21/2018
The Body Shop offers ​Buy 2 Get 1 Sitewide. Discounts taken at cart. Shipping is free with purchase. 
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