Tired Of The Tree? Alternative Ways To Spend Your Christmas
Updated 01/04/2020

With Christmas comes lavish decorations, festive atmospheres, and long weekends for you to relax from the stresses of life. But if you're tired of the same old Christmas routine, and want to do something a little different, we've got a list of recommendations for activities you can try to have a more entertaining holiday! See Details>>

Light Shows

Go with friends and family members on an adventure and find the best light show in town this Christmas! Crowds from all around come to see local light shows, with spectuacular lighting. Some may take a while to get to if a large display isn't in your local area, but it will usually beat the exhausting hustle and busle of a full-on trip this time of year. Enjoy a night time walk with loved ones and soak in the true spirit of the season!  

Most people turn in to lazy homebodies this time of year, but if you have it in you to wake up early, beat the crowd and enjoy some of the winter weather to go on a nice mountain walk or hike with some friends. If you get lucky, you may even see some wildlife around in the calm of the morning! 

Enjoy the sun and nature as a little Christmas gift to yourself; gifts are not just contained in boxes under the tree in your home! 
Going to the Beach

If you live on a coastal city, Going to the beach is a great activity for the whole family. Drive to the nearby beach, have a seafood dinner, and enjoy a walk along the beach with the sea breeze. It'll be relaxing and is a healthy alternative to lazing around this holiday season. With the city always crowded this time of year, you may be able to enjoy a more peaceful excursion away from the noisy and crowded activity. 

Once the sun sets, the stars at the ocean can be just as pretty as Christmas lights you may see elsewhere. 


If you're not skiin in winter, your'e wasting a gift of nature! It'll make you more tired than Christmas shopping, maybe, but its also infinitely more fun. Explore new heights and amazing scenery, challenge yourself physically, and forget about all the stresses of the year as you tackle a mountain! It's a great way thing to do for both your physical and mental health. 

If you've got enough time (and money), it's totally worth it to take the whole family to a ski resort for a day or two. You'll get to enjoy time around the fireplace, playing traditional games, and will feel refreshed waking up the next day in a winter wonderland. 
Day Trip to the City

Even if you've grown up in a city your whole life, there are always new things to find and explore. Christmas is a great time to take a friend and walk around old bookstores, flea markets, cafes, and find interesting stores you never even knew existsed. If you get tired, find space to sit around and quietly spend the day and relax. You could even people-watch! Cities are a great plac to do it. 

You can also find an activity center downtown to experience an art or craft that you dont normally indulge in. Art houses, craft breweries, and wine tasting are also great places to frequent. 

Almost every big city has a wonderful town to experience a couple hours away. For example, European-inspired towns like Leavenworth in Washington and Asheville in North Carolina make for beautiful scenes to go and see around this time of year. Others like thiem include Helen in Georgia and Natchitoches outside of LA. Grab a few friends and take a short road trip to see a beautiful quiet town! There's usually great scenery and food stops on the way, where you can enjoy delicacies and the pleasures of each other's company and conversation. Use this trip to calm down and prepare for the new year.

In short, as long as there are family and freinds to help you celebrate, than a boring Christmas can easily become interesting. If you're alone  this holiday season, call up a friend and plan one of these awesome adventures. 

P.S In LA, here are some great things to do this Christmas:
  • Chill at The Queen Mary - For the Queen Mary Cruise, This year's Christmas theme is Alice in Winterland, a clever play on Alice in Wonderland. Experience a great atmosphere and a bunch of lights and extravagance! Groupon offers tickets for just $22.50 - that's barely anything compared to other adventures around this time of year.
  • Disney on Ice - Disney has always been a Christmas and New Year's favorite, and this years snow and ice themed fireworks will make you fall in love with Disney all over again. Take your friends and hang out with your favorite animated characters at the happiest place on earth!
  • L.A. Zoo Lights -The LA City zoo also never fails to please. This time of year the Staff decorates a space with a variety of anemal model lanterns and funny animated models bound to provide a great experience to everone who goes. It's a great visual experience. Groupon sells pairs of tickets for $22 not a bad deal!