Singles Day is Right Around the Corner!
Updated 08/31/2019

The title says it all - Singles day is almost here, and with it will come amazing sales and deals on merchandise in all departments. It's still a relatively new holiday worldwide - and especially so in the US - but it's beginning grow and is largely becoming one of the best dates for online deals and sales out there. To help you learn a bit more about the holiday, we've written this article to familiarize you with it's history, customs and some other background information to get you in the proper spirit - and maybe you can even start celebrating! See Details>>

There are many differing accounts as to how and exactly when Single's Day began to be celebrated, but most people point to Nanjing University in the early 1990's. Frustrated with continually being single, a few young men created their own holiday to celebrate their relationship status rather than let themselves remain emotionally bogged down by it. They cleverly dated it for November 11, or 11/11, to emphasize the number 1.

That's the most common and believeable story regarding the genesis of Single's Day, but a more traditional story has been made popular concerning the holiday's origin. It centers around a man Born on November 11, 1970. The story goes that fell in love with a girl during their time at Nanjing University, and that this love interest tragically died due to health problems later in the relationship. To lament her death the night it occured, this man went up to the top floor of his dormitory to play music and light candles in her honor. Now the festival is purported to be celebrated on This man's birthday every year in rememberance of the tragic love story. Though most likely a fabricated tale, it adds a fun traditional storytelling element to the celebration of Singles' Day.

Since its origin, marriages have been growing steadily more popular around the date. It's most analagous to the American Valentine's Day, but is specifically targeted to those not in relationships, as opposed to the American holiday being more focused on already-formed couples. 

Whatever the holiady's origin, it was initially made by and for single men, originally called "Bachelor's Day" before the name changed. This holiday has since spread to encompass both genders and is now commonly celebrated with functions, events, and parties for single people to meet other singles. It's gained widespread popularity across China and other parts of Asia, with everything from commercial to educational institutions endorsing this event and hosting fucntions for people to meet.

Since 2011, Singles' Day has also been growing into a large promotional shopping date, and has continued to grow in that respect with each consecutive year. Combined sales at Tmall and Taobao (Part's of Alibaba's conglomerate group) reached $5.8 Billion in 2013, $9.3 Billion in 2014, and $14.3 Billion in 2015. It's expected to rise even more this year, with tons of Sales and promotions coming in a wide variety of merchandise departments.

Because of this new tradition of shopping deals and promotions, It's also gaining popularity across the world and being repeatedly compared to the American practice of Black Friday. Even if you're in a relationship, or just not excited to celebrate being single, there's still a reason for you to enjoy November 11th! Tons of slashed prices and deals are available to you and will offer you another opportunity to save on potential gifts for family and friends for the Holiday Season. Compare 2015's online sales in China ($14.3 Billion) to Black Friday's $4.45 Billion in online spending, and you'll really get a scope of how much this holiday is growing. True, many deals are in-store on Black Friday, but if online shopping is more your speed, Singles' Day may soon become one of your favorite shopping days of the year. In any case, make sure to stay by your computer or keep your smartphone handy to browse and save - you might find stuff at better prices than you would later in the month! 

As stated before, people commonly go out on the 11th to celebrate and not to shop - luckily, it doesn't have the same violent reputation as Black Friday. The "crazy sale" aspect of Single's Day is still mostly reserved to online shopping, with live promotions and deals more focused in the restaurant, club, and nightlife scene. 

Sales have not yet been announced, but wIll be coming soon. They'll most likely be released at the turn of the month or on the actual day itself. We'll be continuously posting and covering the event, so make sure to return to DealAM to get te latest news on all the ways you can save when November hits! 

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