Fitbit Models Comparison
Updated 01/04/2020

More and more fitness trackers are being released every day, and as the country becomes more heath-concscious every year, it's no question why. Sales are increasing, and industry leader Fitbit now has many versions of their product out. It may be tough to keep track of and compare all that they have to offer, so we've compiled a list of the devices to compare them in a quick and easy-to-understand format for you. We've separated them with a few categories to make your decision more manageable, and have provided you with a few Black Friday predictions so you can be sure to get these devices at the best price possible! See Details>>

With how popular it is, the fitbit feels like its' been around forever. It's really only been around since 2011, but has broken records in the fitness tracking watch and bracelet industry. Where only one product was initially available, Fitbit's now come in all shapes and sizes suited to visual preference and activity level. They're mainly separated into the following categories: 

【Everyday Fitness】

This section encompasses the Zip/One/Flex series, as well as the Alta
  • Fitbit Zip Smart Clip (On Amazon for $59.95)
  • 2017 Black Friday Estimate:Amazon's lowest price in the past has been $39.00

Even the most basic and cheap models in the fitbit family can track steps, distance and calories burned. They keep this information in a folder that you can later acces via your computer. These devices are wearable on your waist band, in your pockets, cuffs, or literally anywehre! They use watch batteries for a long lasting life of about 6 months without need for a charge.

Th Zip is able to record steps and calories, but many electronic devices at this price can perform at or above its performance level, so it's worth checking out other options. 
  • Fitbit One (On Amazon for $99.95)
  • 2017 Black Friday Estimate:Amazon has offered it as low as $74.55,and if you can't find it at a reasonabl price, check ebay.

The one provides all the same fucntions as the Zip, and many more. It records steps, stairs, distance, calories, sleep patterns, and come with bluetooth syncronization capabilities to check data immediately via your spartphone and mobile device. It's also got an LED display that can show the current time, has a vibration alarm system, and other great additions. If you don't want to necessarily wear a fitness tracker wristband or watch, this is a great option for you. 
  • Fitbit Flex (On Amazon at$99.95)
  • 2017 Black Friday Estimate:Amazon has had it as low as $81.32,you can expect in on Black Friday at prices of about $80~$85

The Fitbit Flex is one of the most classic and best selling series of FitBit products. The slim design is attractive, and the customization is a well-loved feature. The tracking device can be removed from the bracelet and fastened into other bracelet or nectlace designs. It's got all, day features, along with event-specific tracking. It's able to track different movements and can constantly update you on your progress. Plus, its waterproof so you can take it on any active adventure. 

The Flex also features call and text alerts to the wearer through vibration. It can also display caller ID. It's also got an hour-by-hour update feature. 
  • Fitbit Alta Wristband (On Amazon for $128.95)
  • 2017 Black Friday Estimate:It's been seen on Amazon as low as $109,so we can estimate you'll see about a $15 price drop off list for Black Friday. 

The Flex 2 doesn't come with any upgraded fucntionality, but its got a display that can show your text messages, caller's names, and other information right at your wrist. That makes it more convenient when you're exersising. It's wristbands can also be replaced, and display format and fonts can be customized. 

【Active Fitness】

The Dynamic Fitness Series includes The Fitbit Charge and the Fitbit Blaze
  • The Charge Series: Charge/Charge HR/Charge 2

Charge  (On Amazon  for $107.72) is a dynamic fitness wristband for beginning and intermediate fitness enthusiasts, and tracks basic information throughought your day. It tracks steps, calories, distance, and also sleep. It's got caller ID and a vibration alarm as well. The Charge HR has been seen for $99.99 on ebay, so we can estimate prices around $84.99 on Black Friday. The HR is a step above the Charge with some added features, most importantly its heart rate monitor. 

The latest in the Charge Series is the Charge 2 (on Amazon for $149.95) and it features the best of both worlds. Plus, its got a great new look: 

Fitbit Blaze SmartWatch (On Amazon for $198.98)
  • 2017 Black Friday Prediction: It's been on Amazon as low as $169,we can expect it to hover around there for Black Friday. 

The easiest way to describe this is Fitbit's attempt at creating something like the Apple Watch. It's got a large color screen, and has added GPS funcionality, music control, and other functions to set it apart from its predecessors. 

【Performance Fitness】

The Performance Fitness section just encompasses the Fitbit Surge Sports Bracelet. I'ts been seen oon Amazon for $249.95 and we can expect that to drop around $210 on black fridy. It's the pinaccle of fitness tracking technology at the moment, and features a screen that's larger than the Charge. 

Summary - Our Recommendations are as follows: 
1. Zip - No need to buy it. 
2. Fitbit One - Not suitable for people who like watches or want to record their heart rate. Good for daily activities and sleep tracking.
3. Flex and Alta Series:  suitable for fashion-conscious poeople who want to record daily activites and sleep. There's also no heart rate tracking.
4. For those who are into routine and regular fitness, consider the Charge HR or Charge2,but the Charge HR is more cost effective; the Charge 2 has a GPS function, but not everyone needs that. 
4.  If money is not your concern and you exercise regularly, the Surge is a good option that is loaded with great features. 
5.  You might have asked why the Blaze wasn't mentioned? Well the Apple Watch is very good, and its currently on Best Buy for a reasonable price.

Anyway, whatever you decide, stay healthy and active!