Percussion Back Massager with Heat - Electric Handheld Massager
Posted 03/19/2019

Amazon offers Percussion Back Massager with Heat - Electric Handheld Massager for $17.49, Free shipping on orders over $25. RELIEVE MUSCLE PAIN & FATIGUE RELIEF: Do you need massage after work or exercise? Back massager can relieve muscle tension, soothe aching muscles, and improve blood circulation on larger areas like back, shoulders, waist or leg. It is recommended to use 15 minutes each time to improve your health. you can also use according to your preferences.Handheld massager always care about your healthUNIQUE HEATING MASSAGE: Are you considering a hyperthermia to relax your body? The gentle heat of the massager can directly touches your skin which is not possible with other massagers. The heat slowly penetrates into your tissues and muscles that can relieve pain more effectively, It helps to further reach and improve blood circulation, this will enhance your massaging experiencePOWERFUL MOTOR AND VARIABLE SPEED: The percussion frequency of the hand held deep tissue massager reaches 3900 times per minute with the built-in powerful motor.