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Sobel Westex is the industry standard when it comes to manufacturing and sourcing high quality textile products.This rich history of quality products and stellar service dates back to 1981, but it is in the future of our company that the vision of excellence clearly stands out. A keen eye for upscale bed and linen design and a clear perspective for innovative trends in the hospitality industry is our forte, couples with an ever expanding creative product line.

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How To Choose a Pillow — The Right Way!
Have you ever slept one night and wondered why your neck and back hurt the next day?
Even though the mattress may have played a role, a big part of your experience may have come from your pillow.
Getting the right pillow height and firmness can significantly affect how well you sleep. Depending on how you usually sleep, your pillow can help or hurt the way your spine is aligned.
If you know how to choose a pillow, you won't have to sleep in awkward or uncomfortable ways.
Here are some helpful tips below to help you find the correct one.

Why your pillow is so important
A good sleeping position is essential to sleep well every night and wake up without pain or stiffness. Your pillow helps keep you in a healthy place while you sleep.

How does that body position look? The body is in alignment from the knees and hips up the spine to the chest, shoulders, head, and neck.
If your neck and shoulders don't get enough support or are propped up at an angle that makes you twist, crane, or crunch, this throws your spine and body out of alignment, causing strain and pain.

How to Choose the Right Pillow
There are tons of pillows to choose from that you need help figuring out which is best for you. What should you think about when you're looking for the perfect pillow?

We've broken down some of the most important things to look for in a pillow to help you choose.

Memory foam, down, synthetic down, polyester fill, latex, cotton, wool, and synthetic down are all possible fills.

Most pillows come in standard and king sizes. Most people are happy with a standard pillow, but if you need something more extensive, you might like a king pillow. (A king-size bed also looks better with a king-size pillow.)

A pillow made of latex or memory foam will be heavier than one made of down or a synthetic material.

Even though you'll put a pillowcase on it, the fabric of your pillow should be breathable and robust.

A pillow with suitable materials will last longer and help you sleep better. Once you know how to choose a pillow for you, you can do some research and read reviews to find the best one for you.

Discover the Ultimate Support
Sobel Westex has been supplying the hospitality sector with the greatest and highest-quality pillows for a long time.

These pillows fulfill the rigorous criteria that the hospitality industry has established to ensure that all visitors have a restful night's sleep.
It is now possible for you to have access to the same degree of luxury and comfort at home, regardless of the kind of pillow that is best suited to your sleeping style and preferences.

Sahara Nights
The Sahara Nights pillows give back and side sleepers firm but soft support. The Sahara Nights pillow is made of polyester and has been a fan favorite for a long time. Its quilted cotton shell gives gentle support to the head and neck where it is needed.

Dolce Notte II Pillow
No one likes having an allergic reaction to real feathers and down, but everyone loves the soft, luxurious feel of a down pillow. The Dolce Notte II pillow is made of soft polyester fibers. It keeps its shape and bounces back, supporting your neck and head night after night.

This pillow is excellent for individuals who sleep on their backs or sides. When you drift off to sleep on this pillow, you'll feel like you're on a high-end vacation.

When should you get a new pillow?
The National Sleep Foundation says you should get a new pillow every 18 months. There can be a lot of mold, dead skin cells, and dust mites in a pillow.

Try putting a pillow protector on your pillow to make it last longer. If you want to know if you need a new pillow, fold it in half and see if it goes back to its flat shape. You should look for a new place to sleep if it doesn't.
Many things can affect how well you sleep, but knowing how to choose a pillow that fits your needs and how you sleep can help a lot. You'll be off to dreamland if you have the right pad and maybe even a bright display that can sense your sleep.
If you plan to replace your old pillows and achieve the ultimate comfort in your bedroom, don’t forget to use our Sobel Westex discount codes on your purchases. You can’t miss out on this huge deal.

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Sobel Westex does give complimentary shipping to their customers this February. Please find the free delivery code on the coupon list and redeem it. Then you don't have to pay the shipping fee of your purchases.

Sobel Westex Customer Service

If you have any problems about the orders, please contact Sobel Westex directly. Contact information for Sobel Westex can be found at Sobel Westex's team of experts will do everything possible to answer your problems as quickly as possible.

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