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Litter Robot offers professional & high-quality automatic, self-cleaning litter box for cats. If you're worried about cat's litter cleaning, never miss out on Litter Robot that is good at offering robot litter boxes. Enter the official site of Litter Robot, you'll see different kinds of robots, like Litter-robot 1, Litter-robot 2, Litter-robot 3, Litter robot 4 and more. You can even find a XL litter box for your pets at Litter Robot. Order now with Litter Robot promo code to get your own discounts. Litter-Robot refurbished items are also waiting to be ordered!
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Litter-Robot Information

Does An Automatic Cat Litter Box Scare Cats?

No one likes cleaning the litter box, let's face it. It makes sense that many cat owners choose a self-cleaning litter box. Unfortunately, the cat might not find this device interesting.
If our cat is easily startled by the automatic cat litter box, they may develop typical litter box issues in cats, such as the "potty strike," which can negatively impact their mood for the entire day.
As much as we want our cats to be comfortable in our homes, these things can happen without knowing the underlying causes. Let’s find out more below. Know more about litter box and get Litter-Robot coupon with us!

Why Do Cats Experience Litter Box Issues?
Most of the time, your cat uses the litter box because it's stressed or annoyed rather than for a behavioral reason.

However, your cat may not be using its litter box for various medical reasons, so as soon as you detect any changes in behavior, take your cat to the veterinarian for a checkup.
  • A cat with a metabolic disorder like diabetes or kidney disease produces more urine, which makes it harder for them to reach the litter box in time.
  • A cat with arthritis could struggle to climb stairs or enter a litter box with high sides, resulting in the cat peeing outside the box.
  • Older cats with dementia could lose track of where the litter box is or even how to use it correctly if they discover it.
Your next step is to address any additional causes of your cat's improper litter box use after your veterinarian has ruled out any medical causes for the issue.

How to let our cats get used to the automated cat litter box?
You may take action to help your cat get over her worries and faithfully utilize the automatic box after experiencing such a situation.

First step:
Put a plain litter pan beside the automated box and fill it with litter first. While leaving it in the exact location of the plain box, remove the litter from the automatic box. The goal is to get the cat accustomed to the automated box's presence while encouraging proper litter box use.

You allow your cat to explore the automatic litter box at his own pace by placing it close to the conventional one.

Second step:
Try running the automated box a few times each day once you observe that your cat is consistently using the simple box and doesn't seem bothered by the existence of the self-cleaning box, but not while your cat is using the simple pan. 

You want your cat to grow accustomed to the self-cleaning function's sound and movements.

Third step:
It's time to refill the automatic cat litter box with litter, but first, switch off the self-cleaning feature. You don't want to scare your cat with the automated box's operation repeatedly.

Turn the self-cleaning feature back on after your cat has used the automatic litter box a few times. As you move your cat back to the automatic litter box, maintain litter in the essential pan and keep it close by.
Praise him every time your cat uses the automatic box during this transition period. Remove the essential pan once your cat has utilized the automatic litter box for a few weeks.

Our Top Pick for an Auto Litter Box
We found that the Litter-Robot 3 Connect and Litter Robot-3 Refurbished outperform them all, from performance to odor management, utilizing actual cat activity in at-home contexts and wet modeling compound "poops" for controlled simulations.

The Litter-Robot is not inexpensive, and if you're going to spend hundreds of dollars on a high-end device, it should perform admirably.
Among the good features are the following:
  • Pre-assembled
  • Quiet operation
  • Any clumping litter can be used
  • Wi-Fi is available.
  • Simple to clean
  • Using push notifications
If you have chunky cats or senior cats that require more support, the brand also has a Litter-Robot 3 Ramp that you can attach to the automatic cat litter box so your cat can easily walk through the box in and out and not leave any bits and pieces of the sand.
Aside from that, they also offer sleek and modern machines for your pets if you’re busy or away from home. For one, Litter-Robot refurbished Feeder-Robot is just for that. They are handy for giving accurate portions on special diets and automating morning feedings.
Although we agree that these are more expensive than other brands, they are high quality, and you can use them indefinitely.
If you are still worried about the price of these products, you'll be surprised about Litter-Robot refurbished collection. In a nutshell, those products are of the same quality as new ones but offer relatively cheaper prices. That is why we’re here to give you the latest deals using our Litter Robot Coupon. Check out Litter Robot refurbished collection and save big online! You can use them any time during your purchase, saving you up to $100 OFF.
Spoil your cats now with these innovative and time-saving automatic devices.
Don't waste any time! Come and join Litter-Robot and find the best self-cleaning litter box for your cats and dogs. This June, Litter-Robot gives away coupons for shoppers, shop for what you want with Litter-Robot coupon and get big discounts.

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