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Bagster is a registered trademark of Waste Management. It refers to a large, durable canvas-like bag used to hold and transport waste, essentially like a "dumpster in a bag."

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Bagster Information

Is a Bagster Bag the Best Option for You?

If you are familiar with Bagsters, you are aware that they are a relatively new alternative to conventional dumpster rentals. They are designed to manage waste from large-scale cleanup projects, but they differ in various ways.
The unique distinction in a Bagster bag lies in its size and weight. It is significantly smaller than ordinary roll-off dumpsters, and instead of metal or plastic, it is composed of a canvas-like material.

What Is a Bagster?
A Waste Management Bagster is a single-use, sturdy bag used to carry and store waste. It can carry up to 3 cubic yards of debris, making them a popular option for minor renovation and household cleanup projects. Unlike a Bagster alternative, it is composed of durable woven material and must be purchased prior to use. Once you have filled a Bagster with trash, you can schedule WM to collect it.

Container Size
Bagster bags can carry up to 3 cubic yards of debris, making them an excellent option for small cleanup assignments and landscaping tasks. They resemble a 4-yard dumpster size, and their tarp-like construction makes them lighter and easier to transport when empty.

Weight Limits
A Bagster bag has a maximum capacity of 3,300 pounds. Bagsters are only available in one size, so if you have a substantial amount of trash, you may need to purchase numerous bags or rent a dumpster.

Pickup Bagster Cost
Purchase of a single-use bag costs $30 upfront. The amount of the collection charge is not included in the purchase price and varies based on your location. In most places, the fee to pick up and empty a Bagster is approximately $160, but you will need to visit the WM website and enter your zip code to receive an exact price. 

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Permitted Materials
Bagsters can typically accommodate the same types of waste as standard dumpsters, but they have a few unique limitations. While electronics and drained appliances may be discarded in dumpsters, they are not permitted in Bagsters. In addition, you must lay goods flat when filling a Bagster to maintain the bag's structure, making it difficult to store large or oddly-shaped items.

WM uses a truck-mounted crane to pick up Bagsters, so there are a few more placement considerations to make. Bagsters must be placed at least 5 feet away from vehicles and structures, with at least 18 feet of space above them. Additionally, WM suggests placing the bag as close to the curb as possible on stable, flat ground.

Pickup Schedule
WM demands that you purchase a bag in advance; however, you are not required to schedule a pickup time immediately. After filling the bag, you may schedule a pickup by phone or online. After receiving a call, WM will typically collect the bag within 3 to 5 business days.

Ways to Purchase Dumpsters and Bagsters
Renting a dumpster is a rather simple process. Once you've determined the appropriate size for your project, you may locate a nearby retailer and inquire about pricing and availability. In most places, you may also obtain a quote, examine product details, and rent a dumpster online.

If you are interested in acquiring a Bagster, you should confirm that you live within one of WM's service zones by visiting their website. After entering your zip code, you may select from a selection of retailers, examine the estimated pricing, and set a time and location for pickup. You may also check coupons from dealam.com.
The appropriate trash container for one job may not be suitable for another. If you need assistance determining which container size is appropriate for your job, consult our dumpster size comparison guide or call a local retailer for an estimate.

Guidelines To Follow For Bagster Bags  
Here are the three easy steps for your Bagster bag: BUY. FILL. GONE.

Purchase it, store it, and utilize it as necessary. It is portable, always accessible, and always ready for use.

Simple to assemble and sturdy enough to support up to 3,300 pounds of rubbish or garbage. Renovations, landscaping, and residential projects that do not require a full-size dumpster can utilize this dumpster size.

You can schedule a pickup online or by calling 1-877-789-BAGS (2247). It is now gone — a cost-effective disposal solution.

Place your bag on your property at least 1.5 yards away from any structure or vehicle and clear any overhanging wires, trees, or structures for proper service.
The Bagster truck requires a minimum vertical clearance of 18 feet in order to operate. WM will collect your bag using a huge truck equipped with an overhead crane that can reach up to five yards from the edge of the alley, street, or driveway. The center of your bag must be positioned within five yards of the alley, street, or driveway edge.

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Bagster Customer Service

Please feel free to get in touch with Bagster customer care if you have any questions about the products or ordering procedure. Bagster will make every effort to answer your problems as soon as possible and look for immediate fixes.

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