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Noggin is the learning platform from the experts at Nick Jr., bringing over 30+ years of experience into a smart and fun tool for kids ages 2-6+. When you subscribe to Noggin you'll get access to a library of educational games, eBooks, & activities. Enjoy interactive learning as well as different curriculum at Noggin.
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Evaluating the Educational Value of Noggin Shows: Its Impact on Young Learners

From 1999 through 2004, Nickelodeon aired Noggin, an educational children's show. The show's games and activities, which ranged from science and arithmetic to language and social skills, were designed to both teach and entertain their young audience.
This article will assess the usefulness of Noggin Shows as a learning tool for kids and the effect it has on their development as students.

What is Noggin
The Nickelodeon series Noggin channel aired from 1999 to 2004 and was designed to educate young viewers. It was made to serve as a fun and engaging means of instructing young children on various topics, from science and mathematics to language and socialization.

Some of the show's specific lessons and activities
Here are some more specific examples of lessons and activities that were shown on the show and helped make it educational:

Let's Count with Moose and Zee
In this segment, Moose and Zee used a variety of games and activities to teach young viewers how to count to 10 and beyond. For instance, they might count a group of things, like toys or fruit, and then ask the audience to do the same. They might also use objects and visual aids to show simple math ideas like adding and taking away.

Science with Moose and Zee
In this other segment, Moose and Zee talked about different science topics, such as the properties of matter and the life cycle of plants. The characters did experiments and asked questions to help kids understand the scientific concepts they were learning.

For example, they might show how different materials, like metal, wood, and rubber, react to heat and cold, or they might show how a plant grows from a seed to a flower.

Manners with Moose and Zee
Moose and Zee taught young viewers about good manners and how to get along with others. The characters modeled socially acceptable behaviors like sharing and taking turns, and they stressed the value of treating people with respect. They may demonstrate proper etiquette in social situations, such as how to make the first introduction or how to express gratitude, among other things.

Reviews of the show by an educational expert and parents
Every parent has their own view on how much time their kids should spend in front of a screen. But I think we can all agree that some shows are more beneficial than others, regardless of how your family feels about television.

As it aired, the show received praise from educators and parental media.
Assistant Professor of Pediatrics at the University of Michigan Medical School and developmental-behavioral pediatrician Dr. Jenny Radesky once said, "Like everything in parenting, the goal isn't to be perfect; it's to provide structure and communication so that you and your child can learn and make changes over time."
Some reviewers probably enjoyed Noggin games and shows because of its interesting structure and useful information for parents and youngsters. It's also possible that critics expressed reservations about the performance or pointed out places where they felt it fell short as an instructional tool.

It comes as no surprise that Noggin Shows made it because their educational children's content is consistently excellent. Both children and parents will find it to be quite entertaining and thought-provoking.

However, there is a culture online that encourages parents to feel bad if they turn to the computer for a peaceful moment. But when utilized sensibly, TV (or the Noggin App) need not be the adversary. Screen time is beneficial for learning and should be given to kids for various reasons.
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