Sennheiser GAME ZERO Special Edition Gaming Headset $109.95 FREE Shipping
Updated 08/12/2019 offers Sennheiser GAME ZERO Special Edition Gaming Headset for $109.95. FREE Shipping. Closed back design featuring tailored leatherette double layered memory foam ear pads for maximum acoustic seal to block outside noise Modern, lightweight yet robust design featuring XXL ear cups incorporating Sennheiser's model specific transducer technology delivering extreme sonic clarity (50 ohm). Sensitivity Microphone 38 dBV at 94 dBSPL Crystal clear conversations ensured with the professional quality noise canceling microphone that automatically mutes when boom arm is raised Foldable design featuring a volume control located on the right ear cup with two cables included for multi platform compatibility.Frequency response (Headphones) Headphones: 15 Hz 28,000 Hz.Frequency response (Microphone) Microphone: 50 Hz 16,000 Hz Two year warranty when purchased from an authorized Sennheiser dealer;Sound pressure level (SPL) : Headphones: 108 dB [ Shop Now ]

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