Sam's Club: Spend $45 and Get $45 eGift
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Sam's Club now offers a promotion for new members that entitles them to a free $45 gift card on their first purchase within the warehouse club. This credit is loaded to your new account and will apply to purchases worth $45 within 60 days. That's essentially a free Sam's Club membership for the first year.

At the same time, In this post, we also explore the benefits of becoming a Sam's Club Member and factors to consider when comparing to other warehouse options, such as proximity and lower membership fees. See Details>>

What better way is there to save money than buying in bulk at warehouse stores? But doing it right can be tricky. From choosing the right membership type to locations, there are many factors to consider to get the best value for your buck.
Why Sam's Club?
If you spend more than $400 per month on groceries and household products, your Sam's Club Plus membership would pay off in a year with cashback alone! This is on top of all the great deals on wholesale purchases and members-only privileges. 

There are plenty of ways to benefit from a Sam's Club membership. By comparison, membership fees are a little cheaper compared to Costco or Walmart, and in-store price differences aren't too far off. Sam's Club has over 600 warehouse outlets across 44 states and if there's one near you, being a member might just be worth it for several amazing reasons. 

2% Cash Back (up to $500 rewards per Year)

The main benefit of a Sam's Club membership is the 2% cashback rewards for many products. Members can accrue up to $500 within one year of membership. Cashback rewards are available exclusively to Plus members and apply only to qualifying purchases.

Free Shipping 

Free shipping on most items is offered exclusively to Plus members. You can shop wholesale items online at and enjoy free door-to-door delivery with no minimum purchase amount. Qualifying purchases entitle you to cashback rewards along with Sam's Club's free delivery service.

Early Shopping

Plus Members can enjoy early access to Sam's Club store locations. If you'd like to shop with a little quiet and privacy, you can drop by as an early shopper at any warehouse from 7 AM to 10 AM on weekdays. You'd want to take advantage of this privilege during peak shopping seasons like Christmas and Thanksgiving!

Sam's Club Membership Deals

Enjoy exclusive membership deals that can save you almost as much as a Costco membership. There are different deals you can avail of on special purchases, on top of already low prices at Sam's Club. As a member you can get: 
  • 5 free select prescriptions and 30% off on select name-brand drugs at the pharmacy
  • 20% off on eyeglasses and free shipping on contact lenses at the vision center
  • Discount gift cards for restaurants and food establishments
  • Extra savings for online orders
  • 20% to 30% discounts on gym memberships and popular subscriptions
  • Savings on featured daily deals
Member's Mark™ Products

Sam's Club has its own Member's Mark™ product line featuring almost similar items and prices as Costco's Kirkland brand. Get members-only prices on several categories including groceries, household items, personal care, baby products, office, electronics, and more. 

Emergency Roadside Assistance

When you purchase tires for your car at Sam's Club, you're entitled to 24/7 emergency roadside assistance within the next three years. The warehouse features a wide variety of tire brands that come with an installation package, plus lifetime maintenance services. 

Curbside Pickup Service

Another great perk of being a Sam's Club member is access to the club's in-store pickup services. Simply shop on the website or through the mobile app and choose your preferred outlet and pickup time. You'll receive a notification on your phone when your items are ready. Just go to the store at the set time and pick up your goods without even having to leave your car. 

Scan & Go App

Members can avoid long lines at Sam's Club with Scan & Go. Download the mobile app and use it to scan your items at the store. Pay for your purchases right on your phone. Show your receipt to a Sam's Club employee for confirmation and you're on your way!
How Much is a Sam's Club Membership? 

Basic membership at Sam's Club costs $45/ year, while Sam's Club Plus Membership is worth $100/ year. The main difference between the two tiers is that the Plus membership gives you access to additional perks including:
  • Cash Rewards
  • Free Shipping
  • Early Shopping
  • Pharmacy Deals
  • Optical Deals
Basic and Plus members are both entitled to complementary and add-on memberships. They also have the option to add an extra membership for $40/ year. Sam's Club membership also comes with exclusive deals that include: 
  • Sam's Club Mastercard
  • Fuel
  • Tire & battery center
  • Members- Only Instant Savings
Sam's Club offers a promotion for new members that entitles them to a free $45 gift card on their first purchase within the warehouse club. This credit is loaded to your new account and will apply to purchases worth $45 within 60 days. That's essentially a free Sam's Club membership for the first year. 

How to Get Sam's Club Membership

If you spend hundreds of dollars on goods monthly and think you need a Sam's Club membership, you can apply to be a member online or at the Membership desk found at Sam's Club outlets. 

Sign up to be a member at You have to provide your personal information and credit card details. Once the registration is complete, you'll be given a membership number. Present this and any photo ID when you visit a Sam's Club store location and you will be provided with a membership card.

If you're already a member, you may register your membership by visiting Register Page. Here you will be asked for your Sam's Club membership number and ZIP code or phone number, which should match the info on your file. Online membership gives you access to Sam's Club online shopping, Scan & Go using the Sam's Club app, and fuel discounts on select locations.

When you apply for a Sam's Club membership, you'll be given a membership card along with a complimentary household membership card. 

Is Sam's Club Membership Right for Me?

Which is better, Sam's Club or Costco? The answer would vary from person to person, and would most likely come down to a few important things. These would include your location, the perks that suit your lifestyle, and the goods and services you regularly pay for.  

Membership Fees

Costco membership has two tiers: Gold Star ($60/ year) and Executive Gold Star ($120/ year). You pay a little more for membership at Costo compared to Sam's Club membership. The two bulk retailers offer almost similar goods and services, including fueling stations, photo centers, vision centers, car rentals, and pharmacies. 


At the end of the day, you want to secure the best per-item savings on your bulk purchases. In terms of prices, Costco goods are priced slightly lower because of its in-house Kirkland brands. But Sam's Club has a wider range of name-brands on offer. With either store, the savings and discounts you earn would vary according to how often you shop and what you buy.

Overall, you’ll get good prices per unit at Sam's Club but only if you buy in bulk as compared to shopping at say, Walmart. For example, you spend $20.25 for 45 rolls of toilet paper at the club ($0.45 per roll), compared to Walmart where you pay $8.57 for 12-rolls ($0.71 per roll).

Bulk buying is ideal if you have a big family or need business supplies. Storage for your bulk purchases is also an important matter. Find out what store items can get you the best bang for your buck at Sam's Club.

Lifestyle Perks

If you can't really benefit from bulk buying, there are still ways for you to benefit from a Sam's Club membership. Do you dine out often at your favorite restaurants? Do you often travel across the country and abroad for business? You can take advantage of discounts of up to 25% on hotel & travel, dining, retail, and more with Sam's Club gift cards that come with memberships.

Another way would be to split memberships with family members or friends. You make the purchases on your membership card and just have them reimburse you afterward. 

Warehouse Locations

Costco has 200 more stores internationally, but Sam's Club has more stores in the US. Your proximity to a Sam's Club warehouse might be a deciding factor on whether or not a Sam's Club membership is worth it. If an outlet is located near your business, arranging store pickups on your bulk purchases can be extremely convenient. Sam's Club offers free shipping to 50 states for Plus members, with exemptions on certain goods. 

Visit to find Sam's Club near you.

Your Monthly Spend on Goods

If you spend more than $400 monthly on groceries, household items, and other warehouse deals, your cashback rewards would already be more than enough to cover your annual Plus membership. Familiarize yourself with the types of goods that fall under Sam's Club's qualified purchases to maximize your cashback rewards.

Shopping for Your Business

If you're a business owner who often makes huge orders on office supplies and basic items, you have the potential to earn huge savings with a Sam's Club Plus membership. You get access to all the membership perks on top of great deals and free shipping. 

Time Savings & Convenience

Wholesale shopping at Sam's Club can be done online and through a mobile app. You can avoid long lines with the Scan & Go app and as a Plus member, you can shop outside of Sam's Club store hours to avoid huge crowds. You may also opt to shop online and schedule store pickups at your convenience. Sign up for a Sam's Club membership if you want to take advantage of these benefits.

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