Where You Can Get Holiday Decorations
Updated 07/13/2019

It's that time of year again - lights are going up, reindeer figures are being staked in the ground, and ribbons are on nearly every banister you can find. Whether you're excited for or neglecting decorating for the holidays, you'll probably be starting soon if you haven't already. As you unearth your arsenal of decorations from wherever you've managed to store them, you may realize that you need some new ones. Is time to finally get rid of that string of lights that doesn't work, and to throw away other trinkets used well past their years. But we know that decorating for the holiday season can be nearly as expensive as the gifts you're buying, so we've made a list of stores to check out that will help you save on these essential purchases. See Details>>

You should of coruse take a tally of what you've already got - No doubt you could get rid of some decorations, but you'll likely have plenty left over to decorate with. Ask yourself some important questions- do you care about matching the decor you already have, for instnace? Technology and design has likely changed since you've last got decorations, and some new products may not necessarily match your ornaments that have been passed down for years. See what you're lacking, think about how you want to decorate before you make a purchase, and that will prepare you to shop smart. 

As always, Targethas been a great place to start finding whatever you're looking for at at good bargain. The same is true for holiday-themed merchandise at this miracle store. They've got all your indoor and outdoor decor needs at great prices, and have separated their catalog of Christmas decor into 6 simple categores to streamline your search. The categories are as follows:
  • Christmas Tress
  • Lights & String Lights
  • Indoor Chrismas Decorations
  • Wreaths and Graland
  • Outdoor Christmas Decorations
  • Ornaments and Tree Decorations

That should be helpful to narrow down your search. Garlands, for example are a great way to easily add a festive and natural look to your home during the season, and Target's got tons of options to choose from. Many of them, though artificial, make for a truly convincing look. Plus, if you purchase an artifical garland (or tree, or wreath for that matter) that'll save you time, money and hassle for years to come. Since these are reusable, you wont have to deal with the pain of going to a crowded store and figthing other buyers for the tree of your choice. Many of these come pre-lit and make for a beautiful ambiance addition to your home. A perfect example is this Philips 9ft Battery Operated Pre-Lit LED Decorated Garland, offered for 20% off for a final price of just $36.00. 
Tons of products in each section are marked down from their original list prices already, but Target offers opportunities for more savings with their spend $100, save $25 promotion going on right now. If you're not looking to spend that much, you can still save $10 off your purchase of $50 as part of the same promotion. The savings from sale items stacked with this promotion will add up to great discounts on the merchandise you're looking for! 
If you're looking for slightly more classy options, Grandin Road  is a great retailer that provides tons of indoor and outdoor options. They're always huge on seasonal sales, and have spared no expense this Holiday season (you should also keep them in mind for next Halloween- they had some amazing decor selections this year).  Their classy home style caters to a more traditional look, but that doesn't mean they haven't stayed current. They have a lot of cordless pre-lit greenery options just the same as Target and other retailers.

This seems to be a growing trend in the past couple years - pre-lit trees have been popular for a while, but now the collection has extended to wreaths, garlands, and tabletop accents. Grandin Road has an entire section dedicated to this department. They've also got a long list of departments that will narrow your search a little more than Target's sections. Some specialized sections include Candles & Candleholders, Tree Trim & Ribbon, and others.   

These topiaries, a classic outdoor garden accent, are a perfect example of the traditional Grandin Road style you won't find at Target: 

After the discount Grandin Road offers, they come in at just $199. Bump your order 1 more dollar with something small, and that will effectively make them just $150. 

Though items on the site come in generally more pricey than Target, Grandin Road sill finds you ways to save, knocking 20% off all Christmas Decor, and matching Target's offer of $25 off your purchase of $100 when you use promo code FALALA. This offer stacks for each $100 you spend, meaning that purchases of $200 will get you $50 off, and so on. Plus, they're offering free shipping sitewide. With all those promomtions stacked together, you're looking at some gorgeous, high quality decorations available to you that won't break the bank. 

If you're just looking for outdoor decorations, Home Depot  is the place to check out for bargains and deals. They've got creative designs on string lights as  well as lit and non-lit figures to adorn your front yard and porch. Individual items are also constantly offered at Home Depot's Special Buy prices, with new picks on sale every day. For instance, a few designs of LED standing reindeer and sleighs are on sale from 30-50% off today.

If you're really on a budget, you can narrow your search on Home depot with a convenient pricing tool, only showing you options within a certain price range. You can also search by theme, sculpture type, and light type if you're looking for specifics or trying to match styles of your other decorations. 

Popular designs include reindeer, lit outdoor trees, and various renditions of Santa. One of our favorite designs, though, is this 48 in. LED Lighted Tinsel and Acrylic Igloo with Fishing Penguins, just $89.98 today!

As an added bonus, Special Buy Items will ship to you for free at Home Depot, and orders over $45 will as well. If you're under that price range, you can always pick up your itmes in store to save!

Lenox  is our choice for those looking exclusively for indoor decorations. Most famous for their classic handmade ornaments, they're a hallmark of quality and craftsmanship for the holiday season. They've got tons of new releases, best sellers, and exclusive ornaments on sale at their website. A wide selection of their 2016 collection is currnently makred at 50% off, resulting in incredibly reasonable priced decorations for your tree. For example, check out one of this years best sellers, the 2016 Downhill Delight Ornament, just $24.95 after discount! It features a Gingerbread Man who's ready to start skiing. 
On top of these savings, Lenox has got daily deals on single ornaments every day, and a clearance section - make sure to check it out. If you're not looking for their ornaments, Lenox still offers you plenty of options to decorate your home. From dinnerware, and palcesettings to home accents and figurines, their signature Lenox look is available to all corners of your home. A few of their pieces around the house will set you in the holiday spirit. And now, this classic American brand doesn't have to hurt your wallet.  As an added incentive, Lenox is offering free shipping on orders over $39 and an additional 30% off one item with promo code SANTA at checkout. 

While this isnt a comprehensive list, it's a good blend of quality decorations and ornaments available to you this holiday season. You should be able to find most of what you're looking for, and items from all these stores will be a lasting investment so you won't have to keep coming back year after year for new decorations - unless you want to. If you can't find everything you need at these websites, check some others such as Macy's, Walmart , or Bed Bath and Beyond

Whatever you do, make sure to save enough to buy gifts for your friends and loved ones! Target, Grandin Road, and Lenox are all great places for holiday gifts as well as decorations if you don't yet have gift ideas.