Last-Minute Christmas Gift Ideas For Kids!
Updated 01/04/2020

The holiday Season is coming to an end. You might still have time to grab your kids great gifts in time for Christmas, and you may not. But either way, we've got some great suggestions for you if you're still looking. Just because they won't likely get to you in time doesn't mean the deal is any less sweet! Even if they don't arrive on time, scoring these will make you and the recipient incredibly happy. Keep reading to find some of the best gifts for kids you can save on this holiday season.  See Details>>

A while back, we did an article for toys, apparel and other gifts for kids, which we've also put here for your reference. There are some great toys, and clothes on this list, and here's a summary of the links from the previous article. We won't reiterate the whole thing - you can read the full version here if you like! 
  These are all great Christmas gifts in themselves, but we know it's not an all-encompassing list, so we've prepared an additional list of recommendations for babies and kids. Shower them with great gifts this Christmas and win their love! 
  • A Christmas Tradition to Remember
The Christmas stocking is an aboslute essential for the holiday season. Sitting on mantles and bedsides, they're a great place to put small gifts, snacks, and candies in on Christmas eve after the children have gone to sleep. These aren't your normal sock - they're a great symbol of the Christmas tradition and look good hanging on your mantle and evne on your tree. There are tons of styles and personalized options to choose from, but one thing's for sure - you should have one. 

Another great slection is the California Baby Skincare line of products. This is not so much a gift to a baby - more to the parents, in fact to give them peace of mind that their child will have wonderful and healthy skin. Great skin health should start early, and these gifts are a perfect way to ensure that. They'r made with all natural ingredients, and don't include harmful synthetic additives, so parents can rest easy! Amazon has a ton of their products at discounted prices.

Anothe best seller comes in the LEGO Star Wars Series. Our Previous Articles have mentioned LEGO, but these products are selling so well they're worth mentioning again. Lego has commonly been a best selling product this time of year. It's popularity with modern and well-loved fiction series keeps it relevant. WIth the latest STAR WARS movie just released, you can bet that the STAR WARS line of Legos are going to be a hot-ticket item. May the Force Be with you. 

Finally,Blu Ray Discs。Many families get together this time of year to watch favorite movies, and so a new Blu ray is a great way to contribute to the tradition of the season. Find a bunch of classic shows and movies on sale at your popular online stores, including the Harry Potter series, Star Wars series, and much more! Get it as a gift for your kids, but really as a gift to the whole family. As soon as they open it, you can sit down and enjoy one of your family favorites together. 
  • Video Game Systems
As technology keeps evolving, children's gifts so too have evolved from simple building blocks and plush toys to game consoles and a wide vareity of electronic products.   
As one of the worlds three largest game and console developers, Nintendo is a household name. Many of children's fondest memories now come from classic Nintendo games. Since its humble beginnings, Nintend has made great strides and progress in its visuals and processing power. WIi U and Nintendo 3DS are great products to get your kids for Christmas: But keep in mind: Nintendo Switch will launch in March Next Year, a highly anticipated product release everyone is looking forward to. 

Speaking of the big 3 gaming console companies, the next biggest is SOny. Since 1994, with their release of the original Playstation, Sony has been setting the bar for console and handheld gaming. Look out for the latest PS4 and PS VR models to serve for great Christmas Gifts. If you can snag them in one of your favorite local stores, they'll make for one of the biggest Chistmas gifts this year! 
Third is Microsoft. It's been in the game since 2001 with the release of the Xbox. Although Microsoft doesn't have a handheld option released yet, it's newest console, the Xbox One, contends just as well as its competitiors. 

As a final mention for the tech industry, we should not forget to mention Apple. Not just for gaming, Apple is a great work and study mashine, and can even function as a laptop replacement. With educational options, it's probably better than a straight gaming system. Consider the iPad Pro as a great Christmas Present。

  • Toys for mall kids
When making this list, it was improtant to consider how interests have changed over the years. That being said, some kids this generation still have our interests! Consider some practical toys, action figures, and models as favorites for your kids! 

For girls, beauty is everything regardless of age. So our recommendation for girls are UGG snow boots. It's the right time of year to be wearing them. Check out the official UGG website orShoebuy where discounts on Uggs are the absolute greatest! 

  • Chinese Gifts
If your kid is  raised in Chinese household, then this series of gifts is a great buy. This is an incredibly valuable gift that will set your kids sup well for the future, and allow them to study in their native language! 

Elemantary School 'Olympic' Mathematics

5 Year College Entrance Exam, 3 Year Simulation

Xinhua Bookstore is a great place to get these items. Kids of all grade levels can learn from these products and should take the winter vacation to study hard. Preparing for college can be difficlut, and this final prodcut will help them tackle the tough parts of college entrance exams so they'll be prepared for the real thing. 

Finally, we here at DealAM hope that your stockings are stuffed fully and that there are a bunch of presents under the tree this year. Merry Christmas!