BULK HOMME: Try Out Japanese Mens Skincare Products with 25% OFF
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BULK HOMME is a Japanese skin care brand for men. Carrying a 'substance over style' approach to skincare, BULK HOMME is all about what's inside the products and less about fancy packaging. Featuring 6 products infused with natural Japanese ingredients to offer your skin the very best care, BULK HOMME is the answer to perfect skin with great quality.

BULK HOMME contains 7 Key ingredients:

  • Malus Domestica Miracle Apple retains its moisture without rotting and the skin stays perfectly smooth for four months or longer, the revitalizing nutrients in the skin make it an excellent skin nourisher
  • Citrus Junos extract derived from Japanese yuzu provides the skin with organic acids, essential oils, and high-concentrate pectin to smooth out its texture and provide moisture
  • Onsen Water is known to give highly effective moisturizing qualities
  • The special plant extract is packed with salicins which can help even out and restore worn out skin
  • Hydrolysed Silk extract mimics the functions of the skin’s natural moisturizers and natural oils to support its barrier functions
  • Camellia Sinensis has antioxidating properties which reduce damage on the skin
  • Glyceryl Glucoside provides the skin with consistent hydration via its highly-concentrated moisturizing agents

BULK HOMME celebrates effective, back-to-basics skincare with a simple three-step routine using its THE FACE WASH, THE TONER and THE LOTION.

THE FACE WASH is a moisturizing soap that produces a thick foam cushion to soften the friction and wash off excess sebum and dirt, leaving face feeling clean and moisturized. Clay Minerals and Bentonite draw impurities from within the skin to help to reduce the risk of blackheads and breakouts. Excess facial oil is gently swept away leaving a veil of natural fruit extracts to calm and soothe the complexion.

THE TONER contains "trehalose" that allow the moisturizing ingredients to penetrate into the skin. It is a hypoallergenic toner moisturizes and is easy to use for men.



THE LOTION moisturizes firmly and protects the skin from dry damage, while not making it sticky or heavy. Featuring the highling acclaimed Japanese hot spring water, Onsen-sui, (a natural anti-inflammatory which soothes the skin to help prevent irritation), THE LOTION leaves your skin on-point with a shine-free finish.


THE BUBBLE NET is a must  in everyone’s life. It is the quickest way to take both your face wash and body washes to a whole new level. Using circular motions, work the product into a rich lather, remove it from the net, then apply to the face or body. Be sure to replace your BUBBLE NET every 12-16 weeks. best used with THE FACE WASH.






BULK HOMME creates essential cosmetics for men around the world. Aiming to keep skincare simple, BULK HOMME exists to give men the tools they need to cultivate healthy skin, giving them the confidence to face the new day. And now BULK HOMME offers 25% OFF sitewide with code"DEALAM25". Free shipping on any order over £30.  Shop Now>>