Pre De Provence Luxury Shea Butter Gift Bag
Posted 02/10/2019

These are wonderful for gifts or personal use. The shea hand cream is the perfect size for keeping in your purse or to take while traveling and the soap will leave your skin feeling clean and smooth. These best-selling soaps are quad milled in Provence using the old-world methods. They?re enriched with natural shea butter to cleanse and soften, and infused with pure essential oils to add delicate aroma. Equally wonderful for gifts, guests and personal care. Shea Butter is simply one of Natures richest moisturizers. Rich in Vitamin F, deeply moisturizing and full of natural elastins. Shea Butter is an essential ingredient for creating a rich moisturizing wash or cream. Amazon has Pre De Provence Luxury Shea Butter Gift Bag for $11.5. Free shipping with Sub & Save.