Hot Shot MaxAttrax Ant Bait 4-Count
Updated 03/25/2019 offers the Hot Shot 2040W MaxAttrax Ant Bait, 4 Count, Case Pack of 1 for $1.48. Free shipping on orders over $25. Features: Hot Shot MaxAttrax Ant Bait works in 24 hours, killing the queen and destroying the colony. The unique attractant in the bait stations gets ants to the bait fast, so they die fast. The child-resistant bait stations last for up to 3 months for continued protection. They are effective against both sugar and grease-feeding ants. Place the 4 bait stations along ant trails or in other out-of-the-way places near walls, in cabinets and under sinks and refrigerators to catch ants where they travel most. Safe for use indoors or outdoors. For continued indoor control, replace baits every six months or sooner if infestation is heavy or bait stations are empty.