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Specialty Instant Coffee - Saturnbird's specialty coffee is the winner of Red Dot Award, 2020. With Saturnbird's Super Extraction freeze-drying technology, it retains the flavor details of the coffee. Undoubtedly, it tastes just like freshly ground coffee that you get in the café. Premium & Natural - Our unique method of creating a delicious cup of coffee is all-natural and healthy. Saturnbird's Super Instant Coffee can quickly dissolve in iced water to blend an iced coffee. You can mix it also with oat milk or soda water to make a cup of cappuccino, mocha, latte, or pretty much any other amazing coffee beverage to your liking.

Product Details:
1. There are six (6) different flavours from light, #1, to dark, #6. Each cup is filled with coffee made from different high-quality arabica beans with numbers ranging from small to large and the degree of roasting from light to dark. 
2. The taste and quality are close to freshly ground coffee. 
3. Unlike traditional instant coffee, Saturnbird super-instant coffee can quickly dissolve in ice water or other iced beverages. 
4. There are no additives: You will enjoy 100% pure Arabica coffee powder. 
5. Each cup is individually packaged in a lightweight and portable mini cup that is easy to put in your pocket or bag for a good cup of coffee anytime. You can take it wherever you go: camping, hiking, travel, picnics, sports games, anywhere.
6. Saturnbird coffee cups are absolutely recyclable.
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