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2015 Black Friday Tablets / 2-in-1 Laptops
Updated 01/04/2020

Over time, computers have been getting slimmer and slimmer while their screens get larger and larger. We can enjoy our leisure time with better media expereinces and get work done faster and more efficiently than ever before. With 2 in 1 laptops and tablets, the game is changing for a faster paced environment all around. 

Black friday's coming up quick, which mean's its about to be the perfect time to snag your tablet or 2-in-1 while the discounts are the craziest. But just because prices drop doesn't mean gear will be incredibly cheap. Luckily, we've compiled a list of recommendations that will provide you all the computing power you need without breaking the bank: They are as follows:
Lenovo Yoga 910 - 360 degrees of adjustable movement
Surface Pro 4 - The most Cost effective Combo Tablet
iPad Pro - Most popular tablet this fall
T300 Chi - Slimmest and Lightest Laptop Tablet combo
Latitude 12 7000 - Most visually stunning tablet. 
Kindle Paperwhite - Greatest option for simple reading pleasure


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