Monnier Freres is a famous French Luxury Brand Retailer, selling hundres of luxury goods and accesories to consumers worldwide. They carry over 100 of the top selling name brands in fashion. Prestigiou names like Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Burberrry, Valentino, and tons of other are commonly sought items sold through their stores. Plus, they've always got seasonal promotions and deals os you can save on these highly desired brands! They even have additional rewards with a newsletter subscription, such as a $1000 gift voucher gifted to one subscriber each month.
Monnier Freres: 20% OFF Select Designer Sunglasses
Posted 04/07/2017
Monnier Frères, the specialist of fashion accessories and luxury on internet, has currently an offer: 20% off all sunglasses except outlet & ohlàlà (conditions on the website) via coupon code: ​SHADES20. Add $15 for shipping.
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Coupon Code: SHADES20
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